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Alec has a story to tell that inspires others to live better, work harder, and appreciate life more. His speaking partner, Jason Hall, has traveled the world as a motivational speaker. You won’t find better motivational speakers than these two in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area. They can speak at school assemblies, youth groups, youth summer camps, religious congregations, company/organization training’s, etc. Fill out the form below to schedule Alec and Jason for your event!

    Alec Unsicker

Alec in Spain

Alec is the founder and president of AJU foundation and has been battling cancer the last 7 years and just recently found out there is nothing in modern science that can cure his cancer. It is a difficult thing to admit to yourself. Although you don’t want to believe it, it is the reality. Alec’s attitude towards his ordeal and what he has done in response to his trial is inspiring. He will motivate your group to appreciate life, their job, and the people around them. He will empower them to find their greatness. Everyone can achieve greatness, it is not reserved for the special few under stadium lights. Greatness is for everyone. We all have our trials, our greatness comes when we over come those trials.

His situation has so many unknowns and he will take on whatever happens as it comes. In the meantime, he is using his talents as a speaker to motivate others to live life to it’s fullest.

   Jason Hall

Jason Hall

Alec’s speaking partner, Jason Hall, has traveled the world as a motivational speaker. A Lake Powell diving accident when he was 15 years old broke his neck. No one thought he would live when a helicopter had to transport him from the lake side to a hospital in Colorado. Jason spent the next three weeks at the hospital and then even longer at the University of Utah Medical Center before he was released to go home to Boise, Id. He eventually adjusted to life as a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down and with little use of his arms and hands. He mastered the use of a motorized wheelchair, graduated from high school, went to Brigham Young University, majored in English, married, and became the university’s student body president in 1992 – the first quadriplegic to do so.

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