Our First Smile’s Applications!

Our First Smile’s Applications!

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Our First Smile’s Applications!

We're excited to announce what we did for our first Smiles Applications Thank you, everyone, for your donations that are making this happen. Here is a reminder of what exactly a S ...

We’re excited to announce what we did for our first Smiles Applications

Thank you, everyone, for your donations that are making this happen. Here is a reminder of what exactly a Smile’s Application is. Someone will submit a Smile’s Application of a friend or family member that is battling cancer. Then we use the information in the application to put together a gift for these cancer patients, we call this gift a Smile’s Package :).

Each Smile’s Application we get comes with information about the recipient and what their needs and interests are. It is difficult to read about their stories and feel their pain. I know what it is like, so I am glad I can help them through this foundation. These are the first two people we have put together Smiles Packages for to help put a smile on their face during their battle with cancer.

Chris and two of his daughtersChris Owens

Our first application was for a family in Texas. The father, Chris Owens, was diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year. He has three daughters, two in high school and an eight-year-old. The application said that they love cooking out and spending time with family and friends while swimming in their backyard pool. But, because of the treatments it has been difficult for them to maintain their yard and do these things.

So, this is what we did for Chris and his family. First, we contacted a local lawn service company and hired them to take care of their flower beds and lawn for the summer months. That will make anyone happy! Then we sent them two sick outdoor speakers and an iTunes card so they can listen to music while they’re out barbecuing and chilling in their backyard. Along with the speakers, we sent them a visa gift card to purchase some new outdoor cushions and whatever else they need to play and have fun in their backyard.

They were really happy and cool about receiving the Smiles Package! They deserve it.

Carter Sperry

Our second Smile’s application went to this cool cat, Carter Sperry, in Santaquin, UT. Carter is a 9-year-old boy who has been fighting cancer for a few years now and has suffered many hardships. He has had almost a dozen brain surgeries¬†and has recently spent two months in the hospital getting his strength back after his entire left side was paralyzed. His doctors have tried everything they can to help him and have come to a dead end. We don’t know how much time Carter has left to live.

When his mom sent in the Smiles Application we got right to work on what we could do to put a smile on Carter’s face. In the application, it said that Carter loved legos, Marvel, and BYU. Myself also being a lover of legos, I was really excited to look for the coolest Marvel legos I could find, and I did. With the legos covered, we also decided to get him some other Marvel related stuff, such as a T-shirt, a poster, spider man web slingers, and of course we got some action figures. All that was left was the BYU stuff, with which we did the best thing possible, we called up Cosmo the cougar.

Cosmo is the mascot of the legendary BYU Cougars and he gladly accepteIMG_1523d our invitation to deliver the Smile’s Package with us! He also brought along a lot of BYU merchandise. I was feeling a little nervous about the drop off of the stuff, Cosmo was running late and although his parents were very understanding, I was still pretty nerve wracked. Once we saw the Cosmobile coming up the street, I felt a lot better. So we go up to the door, Carter didn’t know what we were up to, and Cosmo hid behind the door. Carter opened the door and looked a little confused at me holding all this cool stuff, then Cosmo jumped out and he and his little brother, especially his little brother, freaked out in excitement.

We showed him all the cool stuff we got him and he was very grateful for the stuff, but there wasn’t much time for stuff because Cosmo’s van had a serious sound system, so obviously a ten minute dance party had to happen on the lawn. Carter seemed to have fun, but once Cosmo put him on his shoulders, I have never seen a happier boy, and that made the whole thing worth it.

This video below is of Cosmo putting Carter on his shoulders and dancing with him. Carter didn’t want to come down. It was so fun, I am so glad I started this foundation and can help other people battling the same thing I am.

Please donate today and help more people like Chris & Carter!

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    Awesome! What creative ideas! I can't wait to hear about what's next. Love you, Abby

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