More Smile’s Packages!

More Smile’s Packages!

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More Smile’s Packages!

We have recently completed two more Smile's applications. Thank you, everyone, for your donations that are making this happen. Just in case you don't know, here is a reminder of wh ...

We have recently completed two more Smile’s applications. Thank you, everyone, for your donations that are making this happen. Just in case you don’t know, here is a reminder of what exactly a Smile’s Application is. Someone will submit a Smile’s Application for a friend or a family member who is battling cancer. Then we use the information in the application to put together a care package for these cancer patients, we call this care package a Smile’s Package :).

Each Smile’s Application we receive contains information about the recipient and what their needs and interests are. It is difficult to read about their stories and feel their pain. We know and understand what it’s like, so we are glad we can help them through this foundation.

Here are stories of two more Smile’s  Applications that we fulfilled.

Keith Nielsen

Keith Nielsen is from Clinton, Ut. He has been battling cancer for over a year and has been juicing fruits and vegetables to give him energy during his chemo treatments. juicer man 2His wife submitted a Smile’s Application on his behalf telling us his interests. He used to make beautiful glass-blown LDS Temples and enjoyed woodworking before he got cancer. At first, we asked if we could get him any new tools or supplies he could use for those hobbies but his wife said that he hadn’t been able to enjoy his hobbies since he got cancer. We asked her what we could do to help and she mentioned the juicer that they have. It was ten years old and kind of weak, so we decided to go online and find the best possible juicer. And, that’s what we did! We found him the best juicer around. We showed up at his house to deliver not only the juicer but also a whole heap of fruits and vegetables because those can get pretty expensive.  To help prepare the food for the juicer we gave him a strainer and cutting board combo that fits over the sink along with a knife, measuring cups and spoons. We gave him other items to help with the storage and serving of the juice. He was very happy and appreciative  :).

Kalel Casper

The next boy wsuperman 3e helped is Kalel Casper. Kalel is 9 years old and is from Riverton, Ut. For those of you who aren’t DC Comics savvy, Kal El is Superman’s Kryptonian name given to him by his Kryptonian parents. Kalel’s parents, the real Kalel, gave him this name, not knowing the challenges he was going to face in his life, and it has given him strength throughout this whole ordeal. As you can see in these pictures, he has a very special Superman shirt that he wears every time he has to go to the hospital and do chemo treatments.

His aunt sent in a smiles package saying that he liked legos, video games, and superman 2Pokemon cards. So, we went right to work putting together a package for Kalel and ended up getting a huge lego Millennium Falcon, tons and tons of Pokemon cards, and a 3DS with two Lego video games.

It was really fun to deliver it to him. Here is the story. As we came up to his house, we found him and his family sitting on their front porch waiting for us. Kalel was so excited for us to come that he had been outside all day waiting for us. He had gotten a few legos before, but nothing came close to the enormous 1300+ Millennium Falcon set we gave him. As he opened his Pokemon cards there were a few where he actually screamed because of how excited he was. It was so much fun to watch him enjoy all these cool things and we loved seeing the joy and happiness that emanated from him. He was very kind and grateful for all the things and we were very impressed by his positive attitude.


Thanks again for all those who have donated! You are making a difference. We are getting more and more applications as the weeks go by.  Please donate and help us put a smile on the faces of those who need it :).

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