Smiles Application

What is a Smiles Application?

A Smiles Application is a form you fill out to nominate a friend who is battling cancer for a care package that we call a "Smiles Package."

Here is How it Works

Fill Out an Application
Applications can be submitted by anyone and are for people you know who are battling cancer. You can submit one for a family member or a friend.
Review Process
AJU Foundation will then review the application and consider the needs, interests, and hobbies of the cancer patient, and put together a Smiles Package that is tailored to them.

This is the fun part! We deliver the customized Smiles Package to the cancer patient and watch them smile 🙂 Each package has an approximately $500 value.

Why do we do This?

Our founder, Alec Unsicker, has battled cancer most his life and knows how hard it is. It seems that everyone knows someone battling cancer. Our goal is to help put a smile on on the faces of those you know who are in that situation. Not just any smile though, one that will stick around for a while and will be contagious to those who care about them most. Alec has been through many of the challenges that all cancer patients encounter. He knows the thoughts and battles that go through the minds of these individuals. He is one of few that can empathize and understand what it is like. He knows how much a smile can help! Each person we help has their own story and we want to help in a way that is unique to them and their personality. Please fill out the form with as much detail as you see fit and we will do our thing to put a smile on their face!!

"This is the best day ever!"

- Max Ellington (7 year old Smiles Package recipient)

Alec Unsicker

A Message From Alec

"I’m so amazed with this foundation and all the smiles it brings to so many faces, including my own. This foundation is helping more people smile than just our recipients. Every package involves new people that help us make it happen and everyone has a smile. Thank you for filling out Smiles Application and doing what you can to help make our cancer paitent friends smile!"

Fill Out a Smiles Application Here

Smiles Application
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Please include first and last name
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