Smiles Package for Arysta Sayakhammy

Smiles Package for Arysta Sayakhammy

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Smiles Package for Arysta Sayakhammy

Things have been busy for AJU Foundation lately. We have been having a lot of fun putting together these Smiles Packages and watching them put a smile on the faces of our recipient ...

Arysta Smiling Things have been busy for AJU Foundation lately. We have been having a lot of fun putting together these Smiles Packages and watching them put a smile on the faces of our recipients. We recently put together a Smiles package for a six year old girl named Arysta. Of course, we love doing this for all our recipients, but this one was exceptionally awesome! Here is her story.

Arysta Sayakhammy

Arysta Sayakhammy was diagnosed with (ALL) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia pre-B cell in 2014. At the end of October she will finish her treatment and ring the celebratory bell. She has an older brother and two sisters, one of which is her twin. Her Smiles Application said that she likes to play with her sisters, playing dress up,  loves my little pony, and playing outside. So, I went shopping for dresses and my little pony toys, which I never saw myself doing until just recently. Gladly, it only took one trip. I found wonderful things that turned out to be perfect for her. We got her a treasure chest with tons of dress up dresses, and tons of My Little Pony toys, tiny skirts, and a really cool bubble machine.

Delivering the Smiles Package

Arysta Sayakhammy Smiles PackageWhen we were planning to deliver the package I thought that there had to be a cooler person than a boring non-princess man like me to deliver this package, so I called my cousin, Andra. Andra is super pretty and the closest thing to a real life princess you’ll ever find. It didn’t take much convincing for her to agree to helping me deliver the package, I just needed to tell her the address and when it was and she would take care of the rest. So, we met Andra at Arysta’s house with the package and I was glad to see that Andra did not disappoint. She had transformed into a princess! She had even brought Arysta and her sisters a necklace. We went up to the doorstep and Arysta answered the door. She and her sisters all freaked out that a princess was at their house. After about ten minutes of this, they finally settled down enough to actually open the Smiles Package we put together for her, and she freaked out even more. Arysta and her sisters were so happy to get all this cool stuff. She was so happy, and I was glad that I could do this for her, her sisters, and Andra. I think Andra was the happiest one there, and I knew that she was feeling a little down, so the whole ordeal made me that much happier. I’m so amazed at this little foundation and at all the smiles it brings to so many faces, including my own.

This foundation is helping more people smile than just our recipients. Every package involves new people that help us make it happen and everyone has a smile. Thank you for all your donations. Please share this blog with your friends and us put smiles on the faces of those battling cancer!

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